Our Business

Real Estate is an industry of possibilities. Creating profits from these possibilities is the business of Brighton Group of Companies.

We buy, joint-venture, develop, manage, build, hold or sell property projects and land in response to the ebb and flow of market cycles.

To us, property projects are not just business; it’s a way of life. It’s challenging, frustrating at times, heart-breaking and mind-boggling. It’s entrepreneurial, volatile and exciting. Never routine. Profitable. And it’s fun.

Our expertise ranges from the management, development and construction of niche property to sourcing and supply of building materials from Asia Pacific region to selected projects.

Simply stated, we are “value adders”. Show us an opportunity to create value with our expertise and we will pursue it with all of our hearts and minds. Show us property deals and land of any size and we will formalise a structure which will benefit all parties concerned.


Our Corporate Culture

Brighton Group Of Companies is more than the Board of Director and key advisers. It is made up of many talented individuals who get thrown into the deep end and swim everyday. We all have common sense and the ability to work in critical and strategic teams.

We are very careful who we hire, because at Brighton Group Of Companies employees are like family. They care about what they do and benefit from the results. They work together as employees and as friends. We value each and everyone one of them. We understand their strengths and weaknesses and have the courage to accept them and help each of them become the best of themselves.

We don’t consider ourselves in business solely for our shareholder/directors/equity partners but also for our purchasers, our contractors/suppliers, our professional consultants, our financiers, our purchasers and our staff.

We work as a team. We like to go fast. We have the maneuverability to adjust the winds of change. If something breaks, we fix it. We understands crisis management. We are agile enough to act quickly. We trust each other’s judgement and we understand that we can get hurt out there.

We are a close-knit group with similar tolerances for risk and straightforward business styles, free of faulting and finger pointing. Our corporate culture embodies the values of fair dealings and full disclosure, a free flow of ideas and respectful treatment.

We view ourselves with the intimacy of a partnership in which we share the joys and sorrows of our business life, family life and our social life.


Our Vision

In time, Brighton Group Of Companies will become a vertically integrated property development/construction/management group exploring and capitalizing on adding value to niche projects.