Welcome to Brighton Group

We work as a team. We like to go fast. We have the maneuverability to adjust the winds of change. If something breaks, we fix it. We understands crisis management. We are agile enough to act quickly. We trust each other’s judgement and we understand that we can get hurt out there.

We are a close-knit group with similar tolerances for risk and straightforward business styles, free of faulting and finger pointing. Our corporate culture embodies the values of fair dealings and full disclosure, a free flow of ideas and respectful treatment.

We view ourselves with the intimacy of a partnership in which we share the joys and sorrows of our business life, family life and our social life.


An exclusive low density project, gate and guarded Community.


Semi D and 2-1/2 Storey Gold Class Terrace
19 units 2-1/2 Storey Gold Class Terrace.